Top Improvements Homeowners Make

Dated: 07/14/2018

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You could say that Americans tend to be a little obsessed with self-improvement. (OK, maybe a lot.) So it’s no surprise that we’re also a little – OK, a lot – obsessed with improving our homes.

Our data shows that 72 percent of homeowners have plans to conduct at least one home improvement project in the next 12 months, according to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2017.

The report found that the typical U.S. homeowner can spend an additional $3,021* per year on home improvement projects – that’s on top of monthly mortgage payments and basic maintenance.

Here are the top projects homeowners plan to complete in the next 12 months.

Replacing or repairing the roof (9%)

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Wood cabin with dark roof

Replacing/purchasing new appliances (14%)

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Brand new kitchen appliances in modern kitchen

Replacing/purchasing new furnishings (14%)

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Living room with modern furnishings and a muted blue and white color palette.

Painting exterior of the home (15%)

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Blue traditional bungalow house with a slate gray paint and white edging.

Redecorating home and rooms (16%)

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Woof floored living room decorated with modern white furniture, and a woman arranging flowers on the coffee table.

Kitchen improvements (20%)

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Replacing/purchasing new carpet/flooring (21%)

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Landscaping yard (21%)

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Bathroom improvements (22%)

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Painting interior of home (25%)

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As your clients’ trusted home adviser, now is a great time to reach out to recent (and past) clients to find out if they plan to make any improvements over the next year.

Compile a list of people you’ve worked with – local landscapers, decorators, contractors, etc. – and send it their way. Your clients will appreciate the check-in, as well as the valuable vetted referrals.

These small gestures form the building blocks of trust that fuel the agent-client relationship for years to come

JUN 22, 2018

*Source: Skylar Olsen, “Hiding in Plain Sight: Tallying the ‘Hidden’ Costs of Homeownership,” Zillow Research (July 31, 2017).

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