Top 3 Inexpensive Hardwoods

Dated: 08/06/2019

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Most people have thought about installing hardwood floors at one time or another. Thenatural beauty of wood brings a soft, elegance to any home. Today, hardwoods are not just forfloors. Modern homes feature hardwoods for counters, backsplashes, and even entire walls.Traditionally and expensive material to work with, there are inexpensive hardwoods that willbring that ambiance you crave with a price tag that won’t shock your wallet. 

Top 3 Inexpensive Hardwoods 

1. Bamboo – Our first inexpensive hardwood isn’t really wood at all. Bamboo is actually agrass yet it’s harder than most hardwoods. Bamboo comes in only two shades – lightand dark (boiled) – yet because of the variety in the plant itself, there are many coloroptions available. 

2. Hickory – Hickory is most often used in rustic or country style homes. A very strongwood, it’s perfect for homes with high traffic and provides great durability and value forthe price. With proper stain, hickory can take on a light, pine, tone or a darker, richerlook. 

3. Lyptus – Never heard of lyptus? You’re not alone. Lyptus is commonly mistaken formahogany. Beautiful and durable, lyptus costs a fraction of the cost of actual mahoganyand provides the same lustrous look.Hardwoods come in a large variety of tones, hardness, and finishes. With so many to choosefrom and nice options starting at prices comparable to quality carpet, many homeowners anddesigners are incorporating hardwoods in their homes than ever before.

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