The Great Main Sewer Line Debacle

Dated: 04/09/2019

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Our family came home to sewage in our basement on Thursday evening. We started calling all kinds of agencies to help us and everyone gave us a 24-48 hour window when they could be out. I don't think they understand the urgency of my situation as I had sewage in the basement and now I could no longer flush toilets or run any type of water. Although I know this is very much a 1st world problem, I have a family of five who were not having any of my funny notions of going outside with the neighbors watching and acting like we were camping.

Finally, Fix-it 24/7 answered and said they could be there in an hour. I could not have been more happy as I now had a plan. Keep in mind I called at 6:30 PM when most are trying to go home. Not Connor Brady, he showed up with a smile and happy to help. He spent nearly 3-hours trying to unclog my main sewer line and was super friendly and professional. He finally was able to get it done but knew there was a bigger problem and I was about to be in for a world of hurt both emotionally with my family and my checkbook. He scheduled to have his Master Plumber out the very next morning at no additional charge thank god because I had a pretty good idea what was coming next!

Keith Sears the Master Plumber arrived on time and in great spirit with his trusty camera and scoped my line allowing me to watch and be a part of the whole process. (Which by the way was super cool to have a good understanding of what was truly happening. Well, the short answer is that it was discovered I had a collapsed mainline. We discussed options and even financing because I am sure you can imagine this is going to be expensive. The other issue is that because this was discovered on a Friday we, unfortunately, had to wait until Monday for permits from the city. (As I am sure you can imagine, there were some family members straight losing their mind and feeling like their world was crashing around them.) I am happy to announce that we all made it through the weekend alive and well.

Monday morning arrived and six gentlemen with big trucks and cool equipment arrived on time and ready to go. They did an amazing job all in one day. They moved so much landscaping and dirt I never thought my yard would be right again. However, I am grateful to say that you can hardly tell they were even here. Honestly, I have no idea how they got the yard so clean. They must have had some magical industrial size vacuum because there is literally no dirt in places that it shouldn't be. On top of that, they reconnected all of the sprinkler lines and re-landscaped any area they had damaged.

I guess my point in all of this is that Fit-it 24/7 is an amazing company, they have fantastic reviews and it shows. Their customer service is second to none, they take care of people and understand something like this is difficult for a family and work hard to correct your unfortunate circumstance. As a friend and a Realtor, I will definitely recommend them to all my clients or anyone that I know who are in need of their services. 5-Stars for sure!

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Jason has lived in the Golden and Arvada area for more than 25 years attending Golden High School and then later gaining a Bachelors of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership and Emergency Manage....

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