The Cost Of Home Staging

Dated: 10/01/2019

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Have you wondered if you should consider professional staging for your home before you list it for sale? 

Most of us have wandered into new home developments and enjoyed the ambiance of a perfectly styled model home. Of course, we would all like our homes to give that same impression to potential home buyers, but what would that cost? Understanding the options available to you for staging can help you decide what, if any, professional staging makes sense for you and your budget. 

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What is Staging? 

First, it’s important to understand what professional staging includes. The bestanswer is, “it depends”! Staging can be as simple as a consultation or as involvedas removal of existing furniture and replacing it with designer furnishings.Needless to say, the cost of the two extremes are drastically different. Mosthomeowners who hire professional stagers are somewhere in the middle.Staging begins with a tour of the room or home. Often simple placement offurniture can make a huge impact. The stager might also bring in elements toenhance the décor, such as colorful pillows, lamps, wall art or carpet. These areloaned to the homeowner for the duration of the listing.

Cost of Staging

Most stagers charge a flat rate for the initial consultation; this ranges from about$250-500, depending on the size of the home. If the homeowner determines thatthey also need furnishings, these are rented by the month and can range from$300-500 per room, per month. Additionally, there is often a minimum number ofmonths required, typically 3 months. 

Professionally staging your home is one option home sellers have to ensure theirhome is seen in its best light. Just as buyers fall in love with model homes, stagingyour home can bring a modern feel and entice buyers to write the offer. The bestway to start is with your agent, to understand your market, competition, andneeds.

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