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Dated: 09/03/2019

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Crafting the perfect lifestyle is about more than just the size of the kitchen or thespace in the backyard. The community in which the home is located is almost asimportant to the quality of life as the home itself. As more and more properties aredeveloped in master-planned communities, the home buyer is accustomed toconsidering neighborhood amenities as part of the package. Here are the mostpopular community amenities in 2019.

  • Parks and Green Space – Topping the list of desired amenities is greenspace. Studies show that as home buyers seek smaller square footage, theyalso are seeking outdoor space from the neighborhood.

  • Trail Systems – Along the same lines as green space and parks is the desirefor trails throughout the community. Homebuyers are interested in bothpaved and natural trails for walking, hiking or biking.

  • Resort Style Pool and Clubs – Pools and clubhouses have become moreelaborate over the past decade and homebuyers expect their communitypool to feel like a vacation spot in style, size, and extras, such as a towelservice and snack bars.

  • World Class Gyms and Courts – Exercise rooms and courts are alsoexpected to rival the best-paid clubs in the area.

  • Main Street Village Centers – As developers create their neighborhoods,daily necessities must be readily available. Artfully designing the shoppingarea to include a main street feel is a huge plus to home buyers.

Lifestyle is a complete package. With the appeal of smaller homes and no maintenance properties, home buyers are seeking the extra space in theircommunities, replacing large private yards with community space and amenities.

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