Garage Sale Weekend

Dated: 07/22/2019

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It's a Monday following a Saturday garage sale!  Whew!!  The prep, planning and execution of the garage sale can be a lot of work.

Even though you may not make a lot of money, you do have the satisfaction of knowing that some of your no longer desired items have found a new home.  

A couple reminders about garage sales in case it's been awhile since you've had one or have never had one.

1 -  Pick a date well in advance, give yourself lots of time, to go through every room and closet to gather the items you want to sell.

2 - You also may need to do some research to determine values.

3 - When you are ready to price your items - let go of the sentimental value.

        From what I've experienced a general guideline for pricing might look something like:

                Clothes  .50 to 3.00              Costume Jewelry - .50 - 2.00          Paperback books .25    Hardcover books 1.00 - 2.00

                 Games and Toys .50 - 3.00             Well used furniture  up to 30.00           Fine Furniture   1/3 the price (according to

4 - Clean, grouped and nicely displayed items will attract customers

5 - Make sure to have a starting bank of around 30.00 including coins and one dollar bills

6 - The more directional signs to your sale, the better!!   Use bold markers and large arrows!

7 - Make sure you have a partner to share the load. When you need to take a restroom break, take care of a child, grab food, or whatever, you will not be leaving your customers unattended.  Plus it's nice to have someone to talk to during the slow times.    

8 - Have a box of free items and mark as many items with prices as possible. Although it's not completely necessary to have everything marked.  I didn't.

9 - Don't overprice your items hoping people will haggle.  On a few items that weren't marked, people would ask what the price was. More often than not, the person did not try to haggle the price down, if they thought it too high.  They just put the item down and kept on moving.  If I was to take a lower price, it was up to me to tell them that.  

10 - Try to have fun!  It may be hot. Bring a fan out to the yard or garage. Play some tunes if  you like, hang out with a friend.  Sip on some fresh cold lemonade and when it's over have a plan on what to do with the items that don't sell.


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