Football Season

Dated: 08/26/2019

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Football season and it's too crowded in here!

What a perfect time to consider upgrading the space where you become a fan!  

Where you and your friends and family jump up and down and high five that amazing catch or touchdown. 

Where you sink into your comfy couch with disappointment at the fumble or loss. 

Where you have enough room to invite all your favorite people over to enjoy the ups and downs of football season with you!    

Where you have enough room to mount a bigger TV and spread out all the fabulous goodies on your kitchen island!

Where is this place?  Call me and let me help you find it!!

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Kris McLaughlin

Kris has lived and worked in the south part of the Metro area for 30+ years. Before becoming a REALTOR®, Kris was a radio traffic reporter for many years and learned even more about the area. Maybe ....

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