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Dated: 06/05/2019

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Image titleMy husband and I recently took a road trip.  One thing we both like to do.  Is it true that people get comfortable thinking most others live like they do?  It makes sense.  We are generally around our neighborhoods the most. We see homes similar to our own.   


Traveling across the country made me see things in a fresh way.   I was reminded  there are other types of homes, other than the one I live in and love, that I also thought were cool and could see myself living in.  There are other areas that are just as lovely as the one I live in.  Of course, I also saw places that held no interest for me, but others chose to live there.  For example, a home 30 miles away from any city in all directions.  On the road trip I found myself saying "wow" many times.  Intrigued with how and where other people live, both negatively and positively.  


I guess what I'm saying is when you're looking for a new home, don't be afraid to check out other parts of the area you may not have thought about.  You might be surprised what you find.


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Kris McLaughlin

Kris has lived and worked in the south part of the Metro area for 30+ years. Before becoming a REALTORĀ®, Kris was a radio traffic reporter for many years and learned even more about the area. Maybe ....

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