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Dated: 05/10/2019

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I'm a fan of classic movies!  Maybe you are too.  The 1980's films written and produced by John Hughes are some of my favorites. Films such as  "Home Alone", "Planes Trains, and Automobiles", Ferris Bueller's Day Off"  and "Christmas Vacation".

Of all those films, one stands out to me because of the home.  That film is "Christmas Vacation"    

Now look, I know the decor may seem outdated now, but for some reason, unknown to me, the interior of this home, makes me want to hang out there.   Let's start with the:


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This open entry is huge!! Plenty of space to welcome many, friends and family!  


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In a larger home, the formal dining room is a great feature. Maybe it's not used everyday but this space comfortably sat 13 people!  That's nice to have when you need it!  Note: currently seems like wallpaper is making it's way back into homes! 


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I always liked the idea of the plaid cafe curtains. They let in the light but still provide privacy. This kitchen was warm, open and had plenty of work spaces.  Simple but efficient. 


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Last but not least...who can forget Clark's amazing exterior illumination.  :)

Watching the backgrounds in movies can give you some cool decorating ideas!  Movies often bring on nostalgia and this movie house, does that for me.  When I first saw this movie (1989 ish), this was the house that I aspired to have.  Spacious, warm and nicely decorated. Times change and interior design changes over the years, of course. When I watch this movie now, I still feel like this house would be so comfortable to live in.  I eventually used some of the ideas in my own homes, like the cafe curtains and the round entry rug but I never quite managed to pull off the holiday lighting as well as Clark!   

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